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Crafters/Vendors Need a Website during Covid-19!

I am not getting paid to share these websites. Just hoping they will help you!

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been crazy these last few months with COVID-19 and a lot of you crafters/vendors have not got to set-up at any shows. Trust me I know how hard it is, especially for the ones who do not have a website to sell their Items on. I'm going to share a few websites and I hope this will help you grow your business.

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First, you will need a Domain!

Only .99¢ for your first year! This website is the best I have found! Click here: GoDaddy

Only get a domain here! This is like the (Sample:

Second, you need a website!

Here are 3 I like and simple to set-up too!

  1. Wix, It starts at $0 a month.

  2. Square Online Store on Weebly, Starts at $0 a month.

  3. Free Web Store, Starts at $0 a month.

These will go up if you add certain things to your website so it is always good to look at all websites before you start one and want to change to a different website and all the work you did will be lost.

Third, Set-up your new website!

Follow the step by step instructions on the online website you have picked!


If you are shipping any items sign up at USPS or Stamps This is great if you are shipping a lot or a little!

Plus no going to the post office!

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