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Happy 2020!! 

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I hope everyone has a very happy new year!

I will be posting my new year's resolution soon!


Well I've been super busy this year already but I said I would post my new year's resolutions so here goes!

1. Be a Better Mom - Ok, well no matter what this is a goal for the rest of my life!! I always try to do my best for my wonderful kids! I would like to do more with them as to things they want to do, and Of course this will vary because of there ages 13,12, and 2. But we will always try to have 1 night a week for family game night.

2. Work on my Heath - Drink more water, eat better, and exercise. ugh did I really say that? yes I did, well I will try and it will be very hard but I have a great supporter that is going to help me stay positive and work out.

Also I will be using more Young Living Essential Oils (if you would like more info on how to order your YLEO Set message me or comment below you can also Click Here and use this link to sign up today)

3. Heath of the mind, body, and soul - I want to meditate and read my bible so everything I read will soak in and that I may better understand God's word. I will also use Young Living Essential Oils during meditation.

4. Work/Hobbies - I'm wanting to try to post more and work hard at trying to help others.

As the year goes on I may add to this list.

There are a few more things that are personal to me and a few thing in addition to the above categories that are more personal so I hope you understand why I do not post everything.

You can share your resolutions with us in the comments and we will work hard together to make it happen!

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